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Erudus One

With the ever increasing need for wholesalers to provide detailed information for products they supply to their customers, the dietary and nutritional sections of an ERUDUS data sheet are invaluable.

A searcher on ERUDUS can individually select their chosen search parameters to isolate information for any complex dietary or intolerance requirement.

A few examples are that ERUDUS can be interrogated for products with a salt content of less than half a percent, produce a list of suitable vegetarian products, or

even produce a list of Kosher products that are also Gluten and Nut free.

ERUDUS contains valuable information about the physical size and weight of each product, pallet configurations, case sizes and packaging waste data is available to interrogate.

The data is supplied by the food manufacturers and is updated (or confirmed correct) on a monthly basis. It is a dynamic system which is accessible at any time from anywhere with a web connection. 

Used by 48 wholesalers including 20 from Fairway Foodservice for their customer base, learn more about the system at  www.erudus.com or call 0333 1218999 to join today!!!

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