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5 Tips To Decorate Your Cake With The Wow Factor

At any time of year, a delicious slice of cake or pie to finish a great meal is the perfect treat. Customers eat with their eyes first and are often tempted to choose something from the dessert menu when enticed with the way it looks. With the rise of amateur cake baking thanks to a certain baking TV program, our discerning customers appreciate a little creative flair. We know the desserts displayed in a cabinet increases sales, but is there a way to elevate what’s on offer and charge a premium for a menu classic?

Our Fairway dessert range offers fantastic quality ingredients and first-class flavours. With a Chocolate Fudge Cake or Caramel Apple Pie as the base combined with some clever decorations, it’s possible to produce a truly stunning dessert.


There’s a skill to creating a ‘wow’ factor whilst balancing the time and cost of adding extra elements. This can be achieved by mixing an expensive element with more cost-effective sprinkles and chocolate curls and leaves. Also, remember that ‘odd’ numbers of decorative elements work best visually than ‘even’ numbers and creates a design that’s pleasing to the eye.


When putting together a whole cake with pre-portioned sections, minimise mess and elements falling off by placing decorations firmly between the cutting guidelines. Using an alternate decoration on each slice give maximum interest and excitement for the customer to choose which slice they would like.


Embellishments on the edge of a cake also add an extra dimension, sprinkled with gold or red decorative powder adds depth and interest. Chocolate elements placed at intervals ensure that the decorations have impact. 


Don’t be afraid to mix things up! Use a triangle slice of the Fairway Tarte Au Chocolate as a tree shape, decorate with a star on the top and intermittent curls as ‘baubles’ a dusting of icing sugar gives that wintery feel. This could be served with a quenelle of crème fraise.


A traditional caramel apple pie can be given a seasonal feel by adding mini chocolate leaves, orange curls and served with ice cream and a drizzle of caramel sauce. Remember to add enough elements to make an impact, sometimes more is more!

Lastly, have fun! Customers appreciate quirky fun eye-catching designs that make them smile. It’s an opportunity to let that creative flair loose.

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