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Fairway Foodservice is always interested to hear from potential new members. So, if you are considering the benefits of joining, here are 10 reasons we have identified for you:


We have negotiated contracts with almost 400 suppliers and across a range of more than 6,000 items in ambient, frozen, chilled and non-food products. We deal with all the major branded manufacturers as well as many specialist food service producers. We negotiate monthly promotions, free up your time and purchasing resource and have a proven track record of growing our members’ revenues.


Members get exclusive access to a growing portfolio of over 600 own-brand, Fairway Assured products. Each product has been carefully selected and tested to compete with the brand leader on price, quality and consistency so offering exceptional value. The range is grouped into 8 intuitive categories for easier browsing and for inspiration.


There is no obligation for members to commit to or buy a set quantity or even go through the contract portfolio, however, it would likely be in your best interest to do so. We do ask that all members support the Fairway Assured own brand by stocking the core range.


There is no initial capital outlay for members, our joining fees are clawed back from supplier rebates. Once paid, all rebates go back to the member. We are completely transparent and open in our dealings.


As a member, you’ll be a part owner of Fairway Foodservice. You’ll have access to all suppliers, all cost prices and negotiated agreements. You will be able to network with other members and, after 12-months, you are free to apply to join the board as a director.


Membership gives you access to our bespoke information portal providing market and contract updates as well as sales information. The system is under a continual development cycle with new features and capabilities being added throughout the year.


Erudus was the original brainchild of Fairway Foodservice but has since been spun out into a separate entity. As a member you’ll have a discounted rate access to allergen, specification and nutritional data from 1,200 food manufacturers.


Member’s get exclusive access to the pricelist design platform enabling the creation and print of annual price lists. Additionally, members who promote the Fairway national promotions get a quarterly rebate from suppliers. Fairway Foodservice runs its own aggressive marketing initiatives designed to generate brand awareness and leads for our members.


We run several major events including the popular 2-day Meet-the-Member event and the Fairway Assured own brand event. We also support our members at their own trade shows.


As a progressive product and technology-driven organisation, we’re constantly innovating and evaluating ideas that’ll transform both our members and caterers’ businesses to help keep us all competitive in a fast-changing world.

These are just 10 reasons to consider joining Fairway Foodservice and there are less tangible benefits too. As industry specialists, we are always open to discussing business challenges, advising and acting as a sounding board for new ideas and initiatives.

Interested? Find out more and start your application, Please email us here

"Fairway has an excellent team that are always willing to give advice and help wherever necessary. I have also learned a lot about the industry in the last year just speaking to other members within the group"

Michael Watt, General Manager at Thomsons Foodservice

"Joining Fairway Foodservice has quite simply been one of the best decisions Q Catering Supplies has ever made"

Roger Snelling, Managing Director at Q Catering Supplies

"We have been a member of Fairway for 25 years and our business growth and profitability has been helped enormously by being a member"

Shaun Atherton, Sales Director at JMP Foodservice

"We joined Fairway to facilitate our move into foodservice. The shared knowledge and experience of both Fairway and the members helped us successfully launch and we are seeing substantial growth and nice margins"

Steve Ainger, Managing Director at First Choice

"We joined Fairway in 2008 as we wanted to introduce a well-bought frozen range. I am really pleased with Fairway; our frozen business is growing very dramatically and very profitably. I can also add that their “Grocery” buying has become more and more competitive over the last two years too"

Malcolm Baker, Managing Director at MJ Baker Foodservice

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      Our 20 owner-members are spread across UK including Ireland and the Channel Islands and throughout Spain and the Canaries. Mostly independently owned, they are focussed on providing customers with consistent quality, exemplary service and exceptional prices. Advanced logistics infrastructure enables “next day” delivery and often to a specific time.     

      Underpinning all this is the relationships our members enjoy with their customers both face-to-face and through telesales. All members are working to transform their digital solutions be that online ordering or through increased communications, helping customers stay abreast of the latest products and trends.